Friday, July 9, 2010

Retro Hi-Fi Girl Friday

So Marilyn f*&!ing Monroe walks up to you with a record and says play this. BTW you know your famous when f*#&ing is your middle name. What do you do? Hell yeah you play whatever she brings. I'm betting it was Perez Prado's Marilyn Monroe Mambo click here.

Tomorrow is record shopping in Austin. I can't wait.


  1. I feel addicted to your posts and humour, a lot of thanks ! My favorite Perez is : "Caballo Negro"

  2. Thank you very much.

    Perez Prado is great. That is good one. A couple of months ago I picked up a 1975 release I think it was called El Unico but it is great. There is one song that has psychedelic guitar all over it. Psychedelic prado : ) I find his evolution interesting. Always a great band. One of his drummers Leo Acosta went on to interesting solo projects.

  3. Someone didn't teach her how to properly hold a record.

    1. First thing I noticed, well maybe NOT the very first thing.....

  4. A lot of thanks Iain , PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE send me a rip of Prado's psychedelia ! Easy bro'

  5. Check out Perez Prado in the mid 70's. Pretty good stuff. There is one song that stands out on El Unico but it is groovy.

    I don't have a way to transfer from LP to my laptop yet but I am working on it. My friends have a radio show and they want a few things ripped as well. Are there any free large file sharing sites I could use to post songs? I could do YouTube.


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