Tuesday, July 20, 2010

i'm back into tube audio

I have been buying selling and rotating through gear basically to get my speakers where I want them. So far so good the Jubilee's and Klipschorns are doing well. Now time to bring my electronics up to par. The Klipschorns respond very well to vintage receivers and integrated amps so when my buddy Dee offered to sell his Fisher 800-C I jumped for it. In its present state it sounds wonderful but it has some things that need upgrading. The Klipschorns are basically in my tv entertainment room. No I don't want a home theater I'd rather just get two channels right.

It is in wonderful shape. It deserves a wooden cabinet and a revamp.

I've been talking to Michael Sarma a regular post on Audio Asylum and he has some interesting ideas for this receiver. He has worked on many of these and says he has a few tweaks that can really make it sing. I can't wait for him to work on it this fall.

It is so nice to have glowing tubes again. I don't like being without them. The Klipschorns are going to be much happier.

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  1. Welcome back, Iain, this is the hearth, the truth. J.


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