Saturday, July 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Nikola Tesla

Ok not exactly hi-fi but could you imagine Tesla's hi-fi if he were to build one? More to come on that note. Happy Birthday you wild genius. See you when I get my time machine.

This is the party I would like to attend. Tesla and Twain in Tesla's lab. I'd bring a couple bottles of Lagavulin Scotch for Tesla and Twain to consume. That would be like lighting the fuse and running away. Oh yeah.

Instead of new post I'll just update this one. I went to a Tesla Birthday celebration the other night. It was really cool. The band Arc Attack played. The first song was the Dr Who them which was really cool. The band plays while a guy does performance art with two Tesla coils to the music. Freaking cool as hell.

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  1. He did, or rather Czechoslovaks did, as they had company named Tesla which produced HiFi's, tv sets, etc.


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