Thursday, July 15, 2010

ElectroVoice 30W or 30 Inch Monster Woofer

I haven't seen or heard one of these yet. They look absolutely massive.

Some engineering data.

This really gives a sense of scale. I bet the pressure in that room can get insane when pushed.


  1. Awesome! I would like to get a pair of that woofers.

  2. Pyle currently manufactures a 24" woofer with a much higher powered voice coil than the 2 1/2" coil which is the same basic winding that was quite adequate for the SP12 and SP15 woofers but hopelessly underpowered to snap that massive fiberglass cone without producing quite a bit of hangover distortion if it was any more than tickled. Guys used to try running 150 watt RMS bass amps with those things as if they were SRO/EVMs and there were more than a few reports of the voice coils bursting into flames.

  3. Thanks I'll check out that Pyle.

  4. I have installed the EV-30W into vehicles with 22 watts RMS on each one and they never blew and sounded terrific (one of them on its' own alone is capable of well over 140 Db). And with a resonance of 15Hz they are about very low, accurate tones when installed proper in a sealed enclosure.
    Only imitation installers would try putting more than 30 watts in to one of them.
    In other words, you do not NEED more power than 30 watts for them to perform great.
    They use these in Carnegie Hall because they are AWESOME (and they have the room)!
    Their cone is actually a very light, polystyrene FOAM cone and works marvelously!

  5. I remember seeing these speakers built into a bass reflex enclosure. They could blow out a match at ten feet from the port.

  6. estoy interesado en comprar 4 parlantes de ese tamaño, alguien que me los pueda vender. aqui les dejo mi correo para hacer negocios


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