Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Fairchild Turntable Tonearm Cartridge System

If I could have a dream mono system it would be a complete Fairchild TT system with a Fairchild 260 amp and 245 preamp. I've never seen Fairchild equipment outside of an audio museum so I base this solely on appearance and reputation..


  1. hi.. these were the best you could buy back in there day.. I have had the very same turntable in these pics for over 25 years.. was givin to me as a gift .. still works great

  2. Excellent.

    Maybe I'll find one some day.

  3. Iain, I have almost that setup, come up to St. Louis and we'll give it a spin.

  4. That sounds like a plan but I'd likely be to distracted by the vintage eye candy... I do need to make it back through St.Louis.

  5. When I was a kid my grandfathers "stereo" was two 245 mono blocks and two 245 preamps bolted together along with a big old 411 w/ walnut plinth. Klipsch "Rebels" for the speakers. Grandma bugged him for a Stereo Console and he finally gave in so all the Fairchild stuff went to the garage. Years later I dug Fairchild gear out of the garage and it was my stereo for a few years until I got a Realistic receiver. I made a guitar amp out of one 255/245 but it was out of its element. My uncle cleaned out the garage before they put Grandfather in the nursing home -- I guess the Fairchild stuff went in some dumpster, I never asked him.

    1. Your grandad had great taste!!!!!! I've never seen fairchild in person...

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