Friday, May 14, 2010

Western Electric Mother Of All Coax

Images of this Western Electric Coax driver has been making the rounds lately. It was part of a cabinet. The horn was aparently part of that cabinet. I would imagine it would be hard to find to complete this driver. This is an 18 inch Western Electric driver with a WE555 as the HF. This is just over the top. Ahh I got get over WE lust.


  1. Hi, I have one of these in storage.
    It's not currently fully re-assembled.
    It has a brass sectoral horn in the middle of the Jensen 18" cone.
    Mine has mounting to help support the assy, and a brass handle on top of the magnet assy / bracket.apart from the rim holes in the Jensen.
    I would say the whole thing including the WE555 weighs excess of 35kg.
    It was originally from the Ozone theatre in Semaphore South Australia, that was previously the town hall.
    From a picture I've seen there were 2 installed in each front corner of the theatre.

  2. Thats is an amazing ultra rare audio history you have. Amazing. Would love some more pics....

  3. Hi Iain, when I can get to where it's stored I'll provide pics, cheers Darryl


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