Thursday, May 20, 2010

Karson Speaker Enclosures

I've seen Karlson speakers a few times but have yet to hear a pair. They certainly look cool. These ads I found posted on various sites and which is a great resourse. The Karson boasts high effeciency and low distortion which is a great thing.

This Karlson is in the Klipsch Audio History Museum which is a must see for any audio technology fan.


  1. I have a Karlson Cabinet very similar to the one pictured, although it's a bit beat up. It has a University 312 12" 3 way speaker with a knob control for the treble. The midrange crossover is at a fixed level. My guess is it was built from a kit in the late 50's. Wonderful cabinet, gives off a great sound with the most realistic bass I've ever heard from a speaker. You need a large room for it.

  2. I had a Karlson similar to the one in the bottom picture in the late 70s. I put an Altec 15'' bass guitar speaker (421-8a) in it, it was a very good combination, very linear response. It might still be gigging for all I know...

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  4. You will be better off adding more speakers so you don't have to compensate for distance with volume.

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  6. I have a Karlson K-15 with an old Radio Shack 18" woofer in it.....makes a fab subwoofer under my Heresy Ones.

    1. Would love to know what PWK would say about that 8-)


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