Sunday, May 30, 2010

Frazier Loudspeakers Dallas, TX

Frazier loudspeakers have a small cult following. I've seen a few in person. They are very well made but I can not attest to their sound. Here are some pics of pro and home Frazier speakers.


  1. Frazier Speakers - I have been an owner of a pair of Frazier model seven speakers for over thirty years, they have amazing sound. A friend of mine was so sure his JBL L100's sounded better that he brought them to my house for an A/B comparison. The model sevens BLEW the JBL's away. He soon went out and bought L200's to replace them. Funny, he never offered to A/B his new speakers against the Frazier's.
    Frazier speakers were manufactured about two miles from my house in Farmers Branch, Texas. After their designer, Jack Frazier, died the company moved, I believe, to Arkansas.
    The man made great speakers.

  2. The Frazier Eleven's are what turned me into an audiophile at age 15. I still remember listening to them for the first time as long as I could before my ride had to leave at a store called LaBelle's. Driven by a Phase Linear 350 watt amp and autocorrelation preamp, it sounded like Blood Sweat and Tears were in the room. I had no idea anything could sound so real.

  3. I worked for a Frazier dealer in 1979 in West Texas. Fantastic speakers. Both commercial and consumer models were sold. Including what was probably the first hi fidelity ceiling speaker. Frazier did not use particularly exotic components. What they did was use them in very well constructed, and attractive cabinets, and the synergy of the design was just fantastic. Best part is that you could drive them with a very small amp. Tube amps are a perfect match.

    1. I agree and I believe that is why PWK had so much respect for Frazier.

      My favorite Frazier is this one

    2. As a tube amp lover from long past, I have reacquainted myself with tube audio recently. I had a HH Scott receiver as a kid driving Frazier Super Monte Carlo's. Still own them (though beat to snot). Found another pair on ebay. Amazing speakers! I now have 5 (FIVE) Scott tube receivers to choose from, all driving those Fraziers. I have never been happier! Been through a lot of stuff, came back to tubes and Fraziers.

    3. Hard to beat good speakers and tube gear!!!!

  4. I was introduced to Jack Frazier by a friend who had been into stereo equipment since the '50s.
    In 1975 I interviewed for a job at Frazier, but Mr. Frazier convinced me to go to college instead of working for him.
    Of course, the job would have been like working in a wood shop because that is mostly what speaker manufacturers are.
    I loved their "capsule monitor" and even built my own replica cabinets in 1979 using Frazier components.

  5. Here are some pics of pro and home Frazier speakers. Posted by Iain ...