Monday, April 19, 2010

UK Soundway Records Releases Lost African Music


My new favorite label for buying vinyl is Soundway Records. They are releasing very important music from Africa. The music is amazing and rivals anything else going on in the 70's. If you like highlife, afrobeat, funk, disco, Nigerian blues or African Jazz you have to check out this label. This music is amazing.

I never tire of this music. It is just one groove after another. This weekend I had a grillout party where I was spinning these Soundway Records. The music infectious everyone was asking about this music and dancing around. You just can't keep still while this music is on.

You can listen to a few samples here


  1. Yes THE label to follow ! And -Analog Africa- is THE other one if you love west african music.
    I wait for your message to talk about sorcerer's secrets in cleaning vinyls. Friendly, Pierre

  2. Sorry I have fallen way behind on emails. Just getting caught up.

    I will look up Analog Africa.



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