Tuesday, April 20, 2010

RCA Theater Bass Horn Ubangi or MI-9462

This is a cool looking cabinet. Nicknamed for the African tribe with a plate in their lip. I've never seen one in person but they are a good size. The performance is 40-8500. If anyone has one of these in the southern US I'd love to hear one.

Check out this post over at SoundYork. A very nice blog. Very cool Ubangi system. SoundYork also first posted some of these pics. They are some of the best I have been able to find of the Ubangi.


  1. Wow! Just check out your Blog. That is an amazing Ubangi system you have posted in the vertical.

  2. Just added a link to your blog.

  3. Thank you for linking. I linked, too. I am glad to meet you.

  4. Hi Iain.
    Good to see someone who appreciates fine
    technology. Back in the 70's - 80's I had
    a small sound company in eastern Pa., and
    we used 8 Ubangis as our all-out system
    bottom end. I can tell you they as good
    sounding as they are hell to cart around.
    18 ft. truck with lift gate minimum just for
    them. For a shot of one of our stacks at a
    Jerry Reed concert we did in '83, checkout:
    Sold them when the live concert market turned
    sour in the 80's. Still miss them.
    Andrew Ameden

  5. those are my Ubangi's in the photo. I have them in a 21'x21'x9' room. The horns have been chaanged to a pair of Tratix horns with Altec 288C's, and powered by a pairof Altec 1570 B's refurbished and Improved jby Tom Tutay. Easily the best sounding audio system Ive heard, including Wilson Alexandrias (awful), Magnapan 20.1's (nice but difficult), and Khorns (also nice but a bit fatigueing in the highs. None of that fatigue in these, and the only system Ive heard to date able to recreate the full wieght of a ful symphony orchestra. Anyone wanting to hear them is welcome...Im in Charlottesville Virginia, about 2 hours ssw of Washington DC.

  6. Very cool I hope you don't mind me posting the pics.

    If I'm in the area I'll send you an email. I'd love to hear the Ubangi.

  7. When the Dolby revolution headed up bi IOAN ALLEN hit Cinemas in Chicago a small group of projectionists were ready. We were SMPTE members so we were informed to some degree to what we were facing.
    RCA "Ubangi" speaker systems were grabbed just ahead of the wrecking ball at The Roosevelt , Valencia and others. THe RCA 15 inch speakers are very efficient having 17500 gauss in the voice coil slot. The WILDER folks in Evanston re coned these with aluminum VC mandrels and we soon found out the hard way, that three sets of gaskets were required so the more compliant cones wouldn't beat themselves in the "Ubangi" cabinets. At the Evergreen theater on Chicago's far south side we placed two of these retrofitted "Ubangi's just below the screen, the concrete floor gave us an added base effect. We drove these with a Hafler DH500. THe geru that showed up to "Tune Up" the Energreen Cinema was amazed - "What do you have down there I never have seen bass like this in such a large auditorium" In some theaters we used 15" WILDER woofers with double ceramic magnets. Wilder

  8. Did not get to finish - We had discovered that Hafler amplifiers gave the "Bang for the buck" by a long shot and we built some of these fine amplifiers from kits.

    In fond memory of William Meissner Sr. His sons Bill Jr, Kieth, an d one more whose name escapes me Along with John Taterka, Don Marcus, and the undersigned were the main players in this successful effort. Don Helgeson

    1. Great story. I've always drooled over the Ubangi bass horns. This just goes to prove newer isn't always better. What were they trying to replacing Ubangi?

  9. I have one for sale. bass cabinet only, complete restoration of the outside of the cabinet as it had many scratches. solid and in great shape, loaded with JBL 2226 woofers. reasonable price!

  10. When we put ElectroVoice DH-1012 drivers on the RCA Ubangi horns the HF response was astounding! Crossed them over with Wilder crossovers. OH yes had to put triple gaskets on the reconed RCA & Wilder woofers so the more pliant surround would not let the speakers bottom out on the baffle & destroy themselves - found out about that HARD WAY! (The 1950's RCA HF drivers were repurposed Navy speech range units)


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