Thursday, April 29, 2010

Radio News March 1927 What Is the Best Loud Speaker, and Why?

This is a very early hi-fi article from the dawn of audio history. Check out the size of her horn.


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  2. Although this was slightly before even my time, in the Twenties, really serious flapper audio enthusiasts went-out big for LARGE straight horns. Now, the amplification and dynamic speakers may not have been exactly the bees' knees or any cats' meows but, between all the purist open baffles and horn "enclosures" small to gigantic to humungus, things were really not too bad sound-wise from broadcasts, and quite good indeed from the then-new, electrically recorded shellacs, this despite the 1/2 POUND average tracking forces needed, for achieving an adequate coil output to input.

    Yep, the good REALLY old days of pre-hi-fi . . .


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