Friday, April 2, 2010

Min's Tube Audio Lab Now Does Kits

This is very exciting. Min's prices were already very good now for quite abit less you can order kits to your specifications. The variation he offers is also very cool.

The kits are as follows

WE91A 300B/2A3

- stereo or monoblocks

- with 310A, 6J7, 5693, or 6C6 driver

JEL Simple 45/2A3

JEL 2A3 Deluxe Stereo

JEL Full Fuction Premp

JEL Standalone Linestage

JEL 300B Deluxe Stereo

JEL 300B Classic Stereo

Explore some of these kits at

I would love to do one of these. He does great work I would expect no less from his kits.

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