Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cleaning records with wood glue. Insanely stupid or insanely genius?

Allegedly this works and very well. It has been posted on various forums across the internet but starting in Europe. Points have been raised about residual chemicals left on the record after removing the glue. I can't answer that but maybe someone can. Please post a reply to this thread if you know.

I think this method is interesting. If it works and is not harmful to stylus or cartridge this method could be used on extremely dirty vinyl. I'll likely try this just to say I did.

I am going to take a guess and say pouring wood glue over records is likely a bad idea. For those not wanting to try wood glue. Here is what the other side of the coin recommends.


  1. I use wood glue. Nothing stays on vinyl surface, it just doesn't stick. Even finger prints are gone. Perfect solution even for clean records.

  2. I've never used this method but I would have to say it is silly from a time perspective. Most videos I've seen say it takes 2 hours of total drying time. Also, wood glue is expensive. Seriously, a bottle of Titebond costs $8 where I live. I know people say that you only do it for extremely dirty records. If that's the case, by a high quality cleaning device because it will save you time and money over time. Time has to be worth something, right?

    1. I agree and the chemical residue can not be good for the glue or cement that holds the tip on the cantilever.