Monday, January 11, 2010

1995 50th Anniversary Klipschorn

No other speaker can claim the title of longest continuous production speaker in the world like the Klipschorn. In 1945 PWK was granted patents for the Klipschorn X3 low frequency cabinet and the X5 or later k-5 high frequency horn. The first successful prototype was actually built in 1942. PWK had tried to get a patent on the first Klipschorn the X-1 but it was declined because there were other corner horn patents. These are referenced in his 1945 patent application. The Klipschorn we currently know was flushed out in about five years. The changes since then have been largely cosmetic or changes in building materials. An amazing feat.

Here is a pic of the 50th anniversary Klipschorn I took several years ago at the PWK Museum of Audio History in Hope, Arkansas.

Photo by Michael Colter of Indianapolis

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