Monday, November 30, 2009

Novachord 1938 Polyphonic Synthesizer Predates Moog and Scott

This may be one the earliest synth ever built.

Visit the Novachord website to listen to music being played and for more detailed information.

Restored Nocachord..

Comment from an ex-employee.
"The Novachord made beautiful music if played well, but it was not well adapted either to either an organists style or a pianists style. Thus it required development of a specific style, which not many musicians were prepared to do. it also had technical problems, requiring frequency adjustments to keep it operating cheifly because the frequency dividers and electronic components before the war were not nearly as good as those available in later years. The hammond Organ Company could have revivied it after the war, and could have made it better in light of available technology at the time, but sales had been disapointing ad so it was not considered a good commercial product"


  1. I spent this evening going through all your posts and what a bunch of good info you have here. Especially the Klipschhorn stuff, I had a set back around 1985 that I bought new. Sold them to my brother who still has them. Wish I had room now for another set.

  2. Phil Cirocco's restoration was an amazing feat.

    I was a little more fortunate with the condition of my Novachord which has not needed to be so drastically rebuilt.

    I have recently put over 220 hours into restoring Novachord 346 to working order. This example is believed to be the only one in the UK and one of less than 30 working examples world wide.

    Over 1Gbyte of digital audio has now been captured by Hollow Sun as the basis for the world's first professional Novachord sample library. You can hear a demo of this beast in action here:

    You can see some pictures of Novachord 346 on the Hollow Sun blog area:


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