Monday, November 30, 2009

Novachord 1938 Polyphonic Synthesizer Predates Moog and Scott

This may be one the earliest synth ever built.

Visit the Novachord website to listen to music being played and for more detailed information.

Restored Nocachord..

Comment from an ex-employee.
"The Novachord made beautiful music if played well, but it was not well adapted either to either an organists style or a pianists style. Thus it required development of a specific style, which not many musicians were prepared to do. it also had technical problems, requiring frequency adjustments to keep it operating cheifly because the frequency dividers and electronic components before the war were not nearly as good as those available in later years. The hammond Organ Company could have revivied it after the war, and could have made it better in light of available technology at the time, but sales had been disapointing ad so it was not considered a good commercial product"

Sony Lo-Fi Advert

This ad confuses me. The only person in the sweet spot is the guy. Candles are on the speakers which is a big no no. The girls seem impressed but I thought girls were only interested in large horns?

Mullard The Master Valve - Advert

Friday, November 20, 2009

Delia Derbyshire Electronic Music Pioneer at the BBC

Delia Derbyshire started experimenting with tape loops and experimental sounds in the late 50's at the BBC with the Radiophonic Workshop. This was pre synth so every sound was meticulously made by hand. Her main focus was theory and perception of sound. She composed the original Dr.Who theme and worked on various electronica projects. Unfortunately she gave up on electronic music when the synthesizers started to be more widespread. She thought of here work as obsolete since now anyone can just hit a key to get an electronic sound that she had to work so hard to perfect.

This blog post does not do her justice so read about her here.

Early Reel-to-Reel Beat Matching Virtuosa Delia at work.

1963 Delia - Dr.Who Theme

1969 Delia Love Without Sound

Friday, November 13, 2009

Soniphase Fully Horn Loaded Speakers

You have to admire a speaker company that offers a home theater system built around bass horns.

These are described as Reflex-Ported Folded Horn Loudspeakers.


SLS15 Utility


J2 TWIN 15

All these horns look great. I would love to hear them. I can't help what they would sound like with a passive woofer instead of a port? I hope we see more from Soniphase in the future.

HiFi Girl Friday

Yes there is a record player in the background.

Ok I'm not exactly sure what kind of fetish this is but I might like it.... Can anyone tell me what exactly is going on here.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Vintage Videos Telefunken Tubes and Western Electric Talkies

I don't usually post videos but this one is very cool. It has been posted at audio asylum and the Klipsch forums.


This has long been one of my favorites. Finding his masters voice by the genius Max Fleischer for Western Electric. This animation was to explain to people how the talkies worked for the first sound movies. Brilliant!

Western Electric

1942 RCA Electrons On Parade Part 1 & 2 Great for tube newbies.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Electro Voice Patrician II 1983

I was doing more EV Patrician research and found mention of a Patrician II build in 1983. It took a little while but thanks to the vintage knob I found some information. It is a very interesting beastie. It was marketed towards the Japanese Jazz Clubs and Hi-Fi guys. The 1983 Patrician II was to mark the Electro Voice 30th anniversary. It was made in Switzerland. Here is the brochure.

The test data.

Some detailed pics.

It looks very interesting in an ugly duckling sort of way. The cabinet is massive. Would love to hear this one.