Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Just a couple early Klipsch ads

I spend allot of time posting about Klipsch because that was my intro to hifi and more importantly horns.

The days of Klipsch run by a genius eccentric southern gentleman engineer are sorely missed. It was the right time and the right product. PWK struck a good balance between fidelity and price. Audiophilia was in full stride in the 50's and Hi-Fi actually mattered to people. You couldn't have a swing'n bachelor pad without a proper hi-fi system.

Here are two ads from the early days. The mid century modern design is very sleek and clean. The first is a mono and the second ad is three way. Klipsch was an early pioneer of multi channel not just stereo. Not the first of course but he made many early stereo recordings in Arkansas. I understand Klipsch Corp has these and could be undergoing restoration. I really hope this does happen.

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  1. Klipsch was my first initiation to hi-fi too.

    The second ad is very familiar to me. I was only 11 years old when I saw an ad in the back of LIFE magazine for Klipsch speakers and I sent away a SASE. I got sent back some brochures from Hope, AK with one of them with that picture (it was a fold out). I remember saying to myself when I grow up, that will be how my living room would look like. I must have stared at it for hours.


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