Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Dead Sea Scrolls Of Record Collecting

This is a great comic by R.Crumb. He thought if he drew it he would receive it. It is said that he only likes the earliest of recorded music. I've started to look out for early 78's being inspired by a good friend. To find mint 78's is almost impossible. To find clean playable is possible but it is rarely the 78's you want to hear. I did find a Hank Sr 78 recently that plays nice but this was from the end of the 78 era.

These rough gems of music have also taught me that just because the source is questionable and has lots of surface noise that we should try to listen past these defects and into the music. It is fast becoming my opinion that those that truly love music do not do so at the exclusion of source material but like the music in spite of its source defects. What percentage of music is perfectly clean and recorded? How much of that while is good quality is just not interesting? Antiseptic? Do not be a slave to the lofty golden ear audiophile standards but rather embrace the music lover standards. It is easy to just listen to clean recordings but it takes a true music lover to hear past the pops hiss and defects.

Love music.

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