Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vintage Quad advert pic featuring a mono system from the 50's

This pic makes me want to buy a mid century modern, home wear a vneck sweater, smoke a nice pipe, and listen to a great mono system. I'll also need a beautiful blonde wife.

The console is very nice but you notice the amp is not visible. It is tucked away in the back out of view. We wouldn't even consider doing that today.

These days we want to see the beautiful glow of the tubes while we listen to stereo Quads.

I found this pic I took at the Klipsch Audio History Museum. It is clearly Quad but it looks different. If anyone can tell me about these particular pieces I would appreciate it.

Peter Walker would be proud to know his designs are still treasured and loved today. If your interested in Quad history buy the book QUAD The Closest Approach. Another great early audio pioneer.


  1. These are shown on Page 71 of Ken Kessler's book "QUAD The Closest Approach" as the QUAD I control unit and the HR1 tuner. The QUAD I was made from 1950/1 to 1953. Wonderfully design. A personal grail of mine.

  2. Thank you so much. I'm going to buy the Quad book.

  3. Is that guy sporting stereo pipes? Look closely. jsaint

  4. LOL yup : )

    It must be a subgenius thing.


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