Thursday, July 23, 2009

PWK tested Western Electric drivers

To be honest I have never heard a Western Electric system. Given the reputation I really would like to hear a complete system of Western Electric from Horns and drivers to vintage 300b theater amps. If anyone has such a system in the Southern US please contact me.

These snapshots were in a folder of pics I took at the Klipsch Factory Museum. These drivers and horns were tested by PWK himself. The old fashioned way not like today with computers and printers. This was a tedious time intensive process testing drivers. I wish I had a better camera back then but you can read most of the notations.

Here are some other pics of Western Electric horns and drivers at the museum. If I make it back I'll try to take better pics.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Anechoic chamber or the really weird room

The first time I stepped into an anechoic chamber it was a really weird experience. Your equilibrium is out of whack and you suddenly realize how important sound is for a person just to maintain balance. With eyes closed and alone in the sealed chamber I could hear a low frequency sound and a high frequency sound. These were coming from my body. The circulatory system and central nervous system. When in the chamber with other people you can hear the heart beat of the person next to you. These were really great but weird experiences and probably taken for granted by those who work with these rooms for testing speakers.

Pic of weirded out me in the chamber.

The anechoic chamber in hope is very unique and was also awarded a patent which was awarded in 1980. Download the patent pdf click here. The chamber is unique in that it has a multi ton rotating corner/door. The door has three sides 1. perfect corner for klipschorn testing 2. a mount for testing individual drivers and horns 3. anechoic corner to complete the chamber with no flat surfaces.

Great pic of PWK showing off a beautiful Klipschorn in the chambers corner.

This is the chambers anechoic corner being rotated.

This is the side used for testing drivers directly mounted to the door.

One of the other corners.

Klipsch employee Chris at the door. The door also swings very easily. It is perfectly balanced.

This is possibly one of the best fully horn loaded speakers ever made. I am preparing a rather lengthy post for a later date on this speaker. It is the Klipschorn Jubilee. This was PWK's last design.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Specimen Products school, horns, instruments, tube amps, and more

These guys have flown under my radar for too long. Their product line is amazing from school to custom instruments and custom amps. This is a genius concept and wonderful design.

Carnegie Hall, January 28, 2009 photo Brian W. Ferry

I would love to hear a band like the Asylum Street Spankers using these whimsical horns.

Visit their site and have a look around.

Thanks for the youtube link. Fascinating.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Vintage Quad advert pic featuring a mono system from the 50's

This pic makes me want to buy a mid century modern, home wear a vneck sweater, smoke a nice pipe, and listen to a great mono system. I'll also need a beautiful blonde wife.

The console is very nice but you notice the amp is not visible. It is tucked away in the back out of view. We wouldn't even consider doing that today.

These days we want to see the beautiful glow of the tubes while we listen to stereo Quads.

I found this pic I took at the Klipsch Audio History Museum. It is clearly Quad but it looks different. If anyone can tell me about these particular pieces I would appreciate it.

Peter Walker would be proud to know his designs are still treasured and loved today. If your interested in Quad history buy the book QUAD The Closest Approach. Another great early audio pioneer.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Klipsch scale models from the desk of PWK

These scale models are from the Klipsch chamber of commerce museum. There they have a recreation of PWK's office and several models of speakers he made over the years. It is likely that Valerie Klipsch contributed most of these items from his collection. There are two museums one at the chamber of commerce and the other at the klipsch factory. It is worth it to see both.

Here are the scale models and a pic of the recreated office.

This classic Klipschorn design was known as model 7 early in the klipschorn history.