Friday, June 12, 2009

Tech Tube Valves Blackburn, UK AKA Mullard

I really hope this pans out to be one of the most important new tube companies going into production. They are planning to build new tube designs on the same location as the famous Blackburn Mullard plant. A friends dad worked there for many years so I've heard a few stories about the place. First and foremost quality reigned supreme. I've run many mullard tubes and they have been among my favorites. The cool thing about tech tube valves is that they are going into production with some of the most often used tubes on the market 12AX7 or ECC83, 12au7 or ecc82, and 12at7 or ecc81. They are making rather large claims like there new products should rival even vintage mullard tubes. Now that is all very nice to say but if they pull it off valve or tube heads everywhere will be very happy. Have you seen primo 12ax7 tube prices lately??

Anyhow for those who haven't seen it yet they have a vintage film on their site of the old mullard production facility showing how tubes are made. This is simply amazing. It is a must see for all die hard tube fans.

Click here for video


  1. they are brill jus got a pair they are better than they say they are!

  2. Unbelievable sound!!!!!


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