Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Stan White Hi-Fi

Who is Stan White? There is little information about him or his speakers on the internet. I am specifically looking for plans for his monstrous 4-D speakers. I vaguely remember a story about Stan White and Paul Klipsch being told at a meeting in Hope, AR at the Klipsch factory. I wish I had paid more attention to the details.

Even if she is a little over 5ft tall you can tell this loudspeaker really towers. Just from looking at his ad campaign and PR Stan White was a man of style. His model Janice is just beautiful.

I tried a patent search but it revealed nothing. It could have been listed under a different name. Wowee Janice!

Nothing says style like Duke Ellington.

Vintage ad featuring Fairchild and Stan White speakers.

If I find additional information about Stan White I will post again.


  1. Here's a speaker enclosure patent under the name Stanley White:

  2. Maybe of interest

    1. Very nice I wish there was more info on the elusive history of Stan White.