Friday, May 22, 2009

JBL Hartsfield 1955 - 1964

This is one of the classics. While it didn't have the longevity of the Klipsch bass horn designs it is still a classic. I would love to hear one of these beauties. The bass bin horn path was changed in 1964 and this is the version I am most interested in hearing. They also extended the top end beyond 10khz with this redesign. I haven't found a picture of the 1964 model yet but I am still looking.

The audioheritage website has a great write up of this classic. This is the place to start any research on JBL designs. It is a treasure trove of hi-fi history. The Hartsfields biggest update was in 1964 which unfortunately was its last year in production and a mistake imo. It should have been allowed to evolve.


  1. I have a pair of JBL Hartsfields. I would like to determine their worth. Can you tell me what to look for or who to talk to. Any links you might have about them would be great.

  2. Nathan, email me


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