Sunday, May 24, 2009

AH! Horns by Bill Woods

I ran into Bill Woods horns on the net for the first time last year. One of his horns seemed a good match for my Jubilee bass horns. This horn was the AH! 500. The worlds first conical radial horn. This horn was built for use in Chinese theaters for TAD components. I've exchanged many emails with Bill. He is very helpful and patient with even the most basic questions.

Bill woods also offers three different conical horns as well. Here is a look at the AH! 700.

It seems Bill has been working on a new Bass horn. The AH!50 is a thing of beauty and I hope to hear it someday. The website says the prototype is too expensive for production but another production version is in the works. It features a bass horn and hist AH!300 horn.

Bill Woods has designed many horns over the years. Here is one of his large ones from the 70's. Gotta love large horns.

AH! Acoustic Horns

Friday, May 22, 2009

Virgin Vinyl ?

I love this ad. Not exactly sure what they mean but. It reminded me of a story about the Caribbean music scene. Island music is great whether Caribbean, Tahitian, Balinese, or Bahamas. The tragedy is what I heard about Jamaica. They don't have alot of money for producing records so for the records that don't sell they were melted down and reused. This is a travesty. Prince Buster of Jamaice doesn't even have a copy of every song he ever made for this very reason. That is sad because he ran his own record label. I'll stop ranting and give you another glimpse of the twins.....

JBL Hartsfield 1955 - 1964

This is one of the classics. While it didn't have the longevity of the Klipsch bass horn designs it is still a classic. I would love to hear one of these beauties. The bass bin horn path was changed in 1964 and this is the version I am most interested in hearing. They also extended the top end beyond 10khz with this redesign. I haven't found a picture of the 1964 model yet but I am still looking.

The audioheritage website has a great write up of this classic. This is the place to start any research on JBL designs. It is a treasure trove of hi-fi history. The Hartsfields biggest update was in 1964 which unfortunately was its last year in production and a mistake imo. It should have been allowed to evolve.

Friday, May 15, 2009

UK Hi-Fi Quad

I've never owned Quad gear but I think I could like it. Even a self proclaimed horn junkie can appreciate what Quad electrostatics do right. The vintage ads still make me want to buy them.

The vintage Quad II's were the very first tube amp I ever listened to and are likely responsible for my audio adiction.

I recently had a chance to hear some newer electrostatics. It would be nice to spend more time with them.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Mobile Communications

This image cracks me up. It does tubes and horns so it isn't all bad. I can just hear him now I did sign up Sir but not as a mobile radio. What happens when you piss off your radio and it goes out for a beer.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Audio Engineering Cover EV Patrician May 1951

Hubba hubba look at the size of those horns. I've seen a Patrician in person but had no idea what was behind the screen. I bet it was an amzing mono system.