Friday, April 17, 2009

La Scala

At one time you couldn't find a DJ or a club that did not use a couple of La Scalas. It started life in 1963 as a portable public address loudspeaker for a candidate named Winthrop Rockefeller. It sounded so good people put it in there homes and clubs to the surprise of Klipsch.

I think this is the original Rockefeller La Scala or as some call it the runt. It is a half size bass bin but notice the handles. This is the only one I have ever seen.

The La Scala remained in production relatively unchanged from 1963-2006. In 2006 they made very important changes to the speaker. The bass bin suffered abit in the bass department due to flexing of the sidewalls. Klipsch forum members fixed this by addind brace inserts but Klipsch went one step further in 2006 they add one inch mdf to tighten up the bass. It worked really well as this is probably one of the most best improvements Klipsch has ever made to a speaker. The bass is much stronger and you would swear it went lower. The La Scala II is a real hi-fi bargain.

Here is a pair of La Scala II's on the factory floor in Walnut veneer.

Here is a shot of the revamped 2006 Heritage line with the La Scala II in cherry.

La Scala exploded view provided by Klipsch Forum member marvel if I remember correctly.

Fans of the Klipsch La Scala did not wait for the company to update the speaker. This has been a big hit in the diy and mod community. To lower bass response some are adding extra volume and ports to the cabinet. I haven't asked any of the engineers at Klipsch if there are any drawbacks to this mod but I will. Here is an example.

Here is an example from Norway. This mod has a La Scala bass bin with the reversible ported mod and a big Oris horn with a Lowther driver. I can't help but think that this must sound great.


  1. Paul Klipsch refutes the PA Speaker Theory in a Speaker Builder Magazine interview published April 1989

  2. Thanks for the link very cool.

    The runt was definitely made for Rockefeller but as the link says he didn't use it.


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