Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Early Voigt Horns

Paul Voigt is one of the early audio pioneers and unfortunately often overlooked. He designed corner horns, drivers, tonearms and cartridges. The man was a genius. Until recently it was very difficult to find any historical information about him. I hadn't even heard of him until I saw four of his corner horns and one of his tractrix horns in the Klipsch Factory Museum. He was the second person on record to build corner horns before PWK.

Here are some pics of his early designs.

There are extremely rare. Voigt 30's tractrix horn.

Voigt horns were powered by Lowther drivers. Voigt and Lowther were business partners but if you are interested in the history of these speakers please visit the Lowther Voigt Museum website. This website was long overdue and I was so happy to see it come online.

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