Thursday, March 12, 2009

Klipsch Shorthorn Model T Model S

Shorthorn Model T may have been the first television home theater type speaker.

Here is a Model T I saw in the Klipsch Audio History Factory Museum in Hope Arkansas.

The shorthorn is a back loaded corner horn much smaller and front firing driver. This is basically the EV Aristocrat which was licensed from Klipsch


  1. The shorthorn is NOT an Aristocrat. The rear horn is very different. The Aristocrat was licensed from Klipsch because it was a folded corner horn. There has not been any documentation that Klipsch was involved in the design of the Aristocrat.

  2. You are correct the rear horn was different but similar shape and design. I have seen EV Aristicrat ads where it is mentioned that they were in fact licensed from klipsch.